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We are being talked about, although mostly by non-believers either fascinated at our “stupidity,” or mocking us. I’m really hoping some Christian blogs and media would consider some positive attention. So, for your enjoyment, here are ALL articles about us that we can find – good or bad.

Facebook Bible Discussion

Time NewsFeed

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

LA Weekly

Americans Against the Tea Party


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  • JC

    You are mocking everything. Please do not continue this. Understand that the rapture cannot be the way you think. You are only human. The rapture was created in the minds of humans. Please understand this. You, in turn, are a non-believer. Never forget the Lord will take care of all living things. You don’t need this site. You are a scam. I am sorry for you and all that follow you. You are burning the very faith you look to for guidance. Take Care.

    – JC

    • admin

      People don’t follow me. I am not pushing any belief at all. If someone believes in the Rapture and wants to prepare for their pet, then I am here. If not, no worries.

  • Gullible’s Travels

    I TRIED TO VOLUNTEER! I really did. Your website is broken and refuses to let me sign up. PLEASE! I want to help

  • David Weber

    So, the only difference between you and the original joke is $60?

  • Zak Ra

    Given that this is not a hoax, oh I do hope to God that it is,
    here’s a little theological question: those people you want to
    exploit as caretakers of your left behind pets (does your version of
    Jesus not like animals?) aren’t thyy, according to your doctrine,
    dammed (for they have not been raptured like yourself), an already
    predestined fact, they could unfortunately not even chanae by good
    deeds for someone else’s pets.

    No thanx, no good deeds for you, not even for you pets, just the
    deep felt wish that something, not necessarily your version of Jesus
    (YVOJ), will soon take you from this Earth that you are obviously not
    good for.

  • Ele Phant

    Apparently all is well in the US of A if people still have time (and 10 Bucks) for this…



  • Mary

    I do not believe that my God would leave my pets behind to suffer!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry, your pets will go to heaven too.

  • petcares

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  • darnall

    It is good to have an idea where pets will be located. We will need someting to Barbeque…

  • qqqpouuuiyu

    i think you should focus on how to save souls, that they may not left behind after the rapture. in your ideas, you could say that these non-christian people are better not to be saved so that there would be caretakers of your pets. think about what Jesus really wants you to do.

    • renee

      I am so glad to see someone has lfinally eft a sensible response.

    • k al-fayed

      i have no intention of going to a heaven where there are no pets. ill stay here and look after the animals. i have a spam filter set up if anyone tries to convert me to any religion. im vegetarian so for me human life is not worth more than animal life, until the day you can save a cats soul with jesus /thor/zeus/vishnu so they can come to heaven ill stay atheist thanks 🙂

  • animal shelter volunteer

    I don’t remember any version of the rapture that all non Christians are left behind for business as usual. Even at $10 this is a scam. They are hoping if even a few buy into it they will make profit. Like the have said they make money off ads that are going to draw in the curious. This is an unprovable service that no one can defend. Even if a rapture were to happen in a person’s lifetime do you really think these people will be around to take carte of pets? That life will just keep moving on minus the Christians who don’t make up a majority of the population. You are better off donating the $10 to an animal shelter where it will really be used.

    • Mac McNeely

      You know another un-provable service that no one can defend? The collection plate at church.

      ..but that’s just tax exempt donation money that’s never used to lobby political campaigns for people with backwards policies and unconstitutional restrictions on the rights of others. Just charity that goes to the poor, and has yet to end world hunger, despite blowing through the necessary monetary mark needed to do so, multiple times per year.

      You’re right. What a crazy scam.

    • Seann Burgmeier

      You know yet ANOTHER un-provable service that no one can defend. The promise of an afterlife. No one’s ever come back from the dead to defend it…

  • Jeorge

    How do I get a shirt?

  • Carl

    I’m a Christian, and I’m equally fascinated at your stupidity.

  • Taryn Bryant

    If this is the real deal, I am grateful.

  • Bob Cull

    While Christians are selfless and caring people “Christians” never saw an opportunity to make money off of the gullibility of others that they didn’t absolutely LOVE. Think Pat Robertson, Jim and Tammy Baker, Jerry Falwell, Creflo Dollar (always loved the blatant obviousness of that charlatan) etc.

    • Robert Kelly

      Yeah, but don’t tell the sheeple…eh, they wouldn’t listen anyway.

  • Andrew Smith

    Yes, what a wonderful service! After the rapture, someone will spend the next 3.5 years in agony, worrying about themselves and your beloved pet as the world crumbles in turmoil due to the sudden disappearance of a mere 1% of the population..mostly republicans. Seems legit!

  • lolareyoukidding

    I thought this was an onion article at first.

  • Steve

    What if God found the agnostics lived closer to the ideals of Christianity and was disappointed with the hypocrisy of the church going faithful? Are there provision in the contract where the Christians would take care of the non-believers pets? It’s not that far fetched ya know it has happened before. Matthew 21:12 🙂

  • k al-fayed

    Im a non Christian pet volunteer. I dont believe in the rapture and have zero interest in converting to any religion, However Im touched that some Christians care about their pets enough to try to safeguard them. I love animals, am vegetarian and have no intention of going to a heaven where there are no pets. So in the unlikely event of a rapture, ive committed to taking ten pets. Honestly I think this rapture idea is mental but if there are Christians kind to animals i will do all i can for your pets.

    • doglover

      Animals will be in Heaven and God knows our hearts, He knows exactly how much we love our pets. Of course He will allow our pets to be with us in Heaven. Nothing is impossible with God. He loves us so much that He gave His only son Jesus, who died for us. God’s love and mercy endures forever. You will definately want to be in Heaven, it will be beyond anything we could ever imagine, God loves you and knows how much you love animals. He knows your heart. There is only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. All you have to do is accept Him as your Lord and Saviour and recieve His forgiveness. May God richly bless you,
      God is so good.

  • JennFromNJ

    I am an agnostic and I do not believe in the rapture. But I did sign up as a pet volunteer because I love animals and I know that if I truly believed in a rapture, I would worry about my pets. I want any Christians in northern NJ to know that I’ve got your back. If you leave, I’ll get a group together and rescue and care for your pet. Sleep easy. 🙂

  • The End is Near

    This page is such a joke I’m going to use

  • god

    No snakes

  • DazA2J

    I love my pet. I can’t imagine being without her. However, when I go up in the rapture – and be up there for ETERNITY – my dog is the last thing I’ll worry about. I won’t have any worries at all anyway.

  • Darlene Douglas

    If my pets cannot go to heaven, I’m not going either. End of discussion

  • That kid

    Does this also cover zombie apocalypse?

  • Victoria Vivran

    What gets me is that people believe that their animals will follow them up to heaven but not non-Christians. Your God says to love everyone unconditionally, not any psuedo-Christisnity babble that makes people feel obligated to tell everyone else that they’re going to hell. Non-believers are more important than your precious Shih Tzu (who are also non-believers).

  • Jack Mehoffer

    Never mind the pets, when you get raptured I volunteer to take care of your bank account. Do you have a special sign-up page for that?

  • Zebulun M McBride

    How much does it cost to keep this joke going?

  • Dashawn

    Ok so people don’t believe in the rapture but want to take care of our pets when we leave think about that to yourself you do believe that there’s a god 😂🤔