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  • If you have more than three pets you want to register, please register three and then come back and register more as a new registration. Thank you.


  • Mark Cox

    I would like information on how to register my dog with your services.
    Thank you,

  • Ashley

    I currently live in San Luis obispo, ca. Is there anyone from there on this list?

  • mike burgess

    How much will this service cost? Im interested in the care of my pet after the rapture? How long do the pets get care for?

    Thank you!

  • Mark Cox

    I would like to know how to register my dog with your services?

  • Laura

    Hi i am a christian girl with two kelpie dogs that i would like saved after the rapture once im saved.
    Please contact me on the costs of this service

  • Nick

    Hi! How can I pay to register my pet? Thanks.

  • I blogged about your services on 9/6/12

  • slats23

    Are you still not taking new registrations?

  • Joseph

    It feels great knowing that my dog Ezekiel will be taken care of once we are saved. Thanks heathens!

  • Eric

    It is unfathomable how anyone could ever pay money for this. Kudos to the owners, this is a brilliant scam.

    • John Galt

      Yes, this is a cool business, I think it brings no less than 100k per year. I would like to also be in this fractions

    • jennifer626

      They don’t take any money at all, so not much of a scam.

      • Tony

        Except the “$10 fee” …If 1000 sign up that’s $10,000… Not so little anymore then is it? Any why can you only add 3 pet’s per submission? Is it so they can pull an extra $10 out of you? If it truly was only to weed out joker’s, then you wouldn’t have to reapply every 3 pet’s!!

        • Nikki Cloud-McNatt

          there are so many things wrong with what you just said…. smh. You
          are clueless

        • Amarind Benning

          Don’t you know you don’t pluralize a word with an apostophe? The apostrophe represents a contraction, where two words are combined to form a single word and one or more letters are removed. The apostrophe replaces the missing letters. This is taught in every first grade class across America. Are we to assume you have yet to advance to first?

          And atheists call Christians fools.

          Romans 1:22 KJV Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools

  • Eric

    Why should you have to pay for this if it’s volunteer work. Absolutely idiotic premises.

    • Bobby Twoshoes

      Administration, marketing collateral, overheads etc… Honestly for what’s offered it’s a bargain!

      As you clearly have no sense of humour I feel the need to spell out that was a sarcastic comment. Also, when making accusations of idiocy it helps to provide more than one premise in your statement or people might think you’re bemoaning stupid houses in some religion induced non sequitur.

  • dan

    lmfao, great scam!

  • Courtney

    Under the faq “And registering your pets is free, so why not do it, just in case?”
    If this is so, why is the first question for your credit card number? I’m calling BS

    • Fen Nelson

      I enjoy that you are trying to tear apart satire. Keep going…I need the laughs.

  • Symbu

    Shut up Christians. I care enough to sign up to take care of Columbia’s Christians’ lost pets when you all go away and spare me the trouble of facing the owners!

  • Ruth

    Wow I am so glad there is a service available for my beautiful virgin kitten Mary, thank you again. God bless

    • rachel

      did you just call your cat a virgin.

      ok i’m a believer but don’t make all the people who do this sound like freaks

      • joseph

        oh don’t worry, we already know you are all freaks

        • EB

          Wow…what a sad, sad little “man” you are. Don’t worry dude, it’s a dry heat.

  • uckermanf

    You’d be hard-pressed to come up with a more insane idea than this. I have to believe this is a complete joke or scam. But I know there are a lot of weak-minded people out there who will probably fall for it. Care for your pet after the Rapture? A network of non-Christians to care for your pet? Dumb, dumb, dumb, and exceedingly dumb.

    • Functional OrOO

      Satire much? The website is designed to poke fun.

  • Anon

    Are you still operating? And if yes, do you have volunteers north of Atlanta or people willing to go up that way? Thank you.

    • Alejandro Samperio

      I would venture to say that when THE REAL JESUS CHRIST-NOT SATAN IN HIS DEVIOUS ROLE OF PLAYING JESUS….returns to this planet to clean house, THE LAST WORRY you’ll have will be your ANIMALS !! Get a grip, people! Read your KJV Bible!

      • Functional OrOO

        Alejandro, the first thing Jesus will do in the rapture is cut off all the raptured men’s dicks. Ain’t gonna be no rapture sex in heaven; that’s the devil’s work. In hell they’re fucking all the time, but god’s not gonna allow that in heaven except for god dick worship. God’s the only one allowed to have a dick in heaven, so get down on your knees in front of god’s crotch and obey, damn it. And quit saying god has little hands.


  • Karen

    This definitely is a scam because there is no way that people are going to go and find your pets. The world will be in complete chaos after the rapture.

    • Bob

      This is not true. Once the Christians are gone the people remaining will only be logical thinkers. There will be no more crap about creationism or young-earth nonsense. Since most fighting and killing in the world has been done by religious people there will also be a lot less war and chaos. Happy times here on earth indeed. I can’t wait for the rapture!

      • LogicalThinker

        Don’t hold your breath, there won’t be a rapture.

        • Functional OrOO

          I’ll bet you don’t believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, either. Just because your heart is hardened to make you believe fairy tales aren’t true doesn’t mean fairy tales aren’t true.

      • Renee LaChapelle

        There will ONLY be Satan Ruling. Haven’t you studied The Tribulation and The Great Tribulation which follows and then Armageddon? PLEASE don’t take God’s Truth lightly. Please GET SAVED and REPENT. If you need instruction on How To Know You’re Saved, Youtube Robert Breaker Ministries: “HOW TO KNOW YOU’RE SAVED” God Bless.

  • Karen

    On the other hand, it is sad because many will starve and die.

    • GeorgeWoodman

      Yes Karen, and my worst thought was that they may be eaten.

      • Doggie Nomer

        Nom nom nom nom

  • Chan

    I registered, it only cost $49.99! I’m so happy that my kitten will be in great hands once the time comes! God bless!

  • Arie

    This is the funniest thing I’ve heard of.

  • SGT. Graham 82nd airborne

    f that. this is a scam

  • Frankenstein

    Will you guys come rescue my Sea Monkeys when I am gone?

    • Fen Nelson

      I’ll rescue them. If Evolution is working, I might be able to raise them into Sea Apes.

  • dR. t


    • Fen Nelson

      According to the movie, “All Dogs go to Heaven.” Cat’s are still Satan’s emissaries.

  • That Guy

    I AM LITERALLY LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF. Now let me put it back on and tell you about how colossally stupid this is. I’m sorry (even though I’m really not) but this is the most preposterous, idiotic thing I’ve seen to date. Knowing how crazy some of you really orthodox Christians are, I’m actually leaning towards believing this bull crap. This is such a waste of money. Why? Cause your’e spending money on something you “think” will happen.Example: Would you go out and buy medication for an illness you don’t have? No. I’d soon rather spend money on an imaginary prostitute than fall for your facade.

  • Wait, wait, wait… So you are looking for people who don’t believe in this nonsense, yet want to register to help if it happens?

    Well, logic hasn’t ever been friends with religious whackos…

    And you want money for volunteer work? Sounds like scam to me…

  • Dog lover

    How completely irresponsible of you pet owners to abandon your pets because you want to go to heaven early. You can still go to heaven if you believe in Christ after the rapture. I’m denouncing God right now for the sake of my dogs. I’ll become a believer again after the rapture, and then my dogs and I will both be taken care of, and I won’t have to send you all money to do it!

    • Guest

      No guarantee the rapture will come during your lifetime or that you won’t die before it happens in a car accident. where does that leave you?
      Plus the Bible says you can’t lose your salvation anyway.

    • Functional OrOO

      The problem is not just the pets. Think of all the rebellious children who will not be raptured. What are they going to eat; the pets left behind?

    • Renee LaChapelle

      Are you willing to suffer Beheading? If left behind, I am. But I prefer to be caught up in Pre-Trib Rapture. God Bless you and your loved ones and your pets.

  • Web developer

    Whether you believe in the rapture or not, what you should understand is that your connection to this site is NOT ENCRYPTED, so if you submit your credit card information through the form above, you’ll be sending it unencrypted across the web for anyone to read. You can verify this yourself by noting you are connected via http in your address bar (NOT https). Beware.

    • Functional OrOO

      God will make sure your personal info is safe when using this site. God doesn’t need encryption. God knows people are working to save their pets, so of course he will not allow harm to come to your personal info. Jesus watches out for his about-to-be-raptured homies.

  • binz

    How much does this I am concerned for my corgi’s salvation.

  • binz

    *how much does this cost

  • If there are no dogs in heaven, count me out (although I already think that’s been taken care of).

    • Joanna

      God loves everyone no matter what they’ve done or where they’ve been and you and your soul are way more important then any pet. Including my own precious pets. It’s never to late to come to know Jesus.

      • RHoban

        You really are seriously deluded.

        How about this? How about you pay ME, directly – without the middle man of this organization – to care for your pets after the “rapture.”

        Let’s start with a non-refundable deposit of… $1000. Reasonable, right? Give a yell, and I’ll tell you where to send the cashier’s check.

        I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Functional OrOO

      Oh, so YOU are the idiot that lives next to me in heaven and has those dogs barking all night. Jesus christ, don’t you think people in heaven need their beauty sleep?

  • Jesus

    Are you kidding me….???? Internet will be working when rapture occurs? Really ? I thought non-believers will be in oblivion?… I have a better idea for you… why don’t you build an ark and rescue all living animals left behind after the rapture ?…. and….make sure you include all sea creatures (not like before)…….meaning Noa….he kinda…skipped them….. 🙂

  • Booter

    What a scam. Assholes.

    • Fen Nelson

      If calling peopple on their BS, and taking one step forward makes us assholes, then I am proud to be an asshole. Beats being a self-deluded dick, any day.

  • Tracy

    is way too funny. I am a Christian and
    have been all my life. What a poor use of resources. Would your time not be better used witnessing
    to the non-Christians of the world than worrying about ourselves and what
    happens to our pets? Here is a scripture
    to ponder on… “Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor
    gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth
    much more than they?” Matthew 6:26

    • Guest

      Of course the truth of this is that they DO sow and reap in their way. They find their food and feed their young. As for “their heavenly father” feeding them, that is simply false. In lean years they and their hatchlings simply die. Or even in good years they get eaten.

    • Fen Nelson

      Please, spare us non-Christians your witnessing. We get enough of that from your creepy door-to-door salesmen.

    • Functional OrOO

      Tracy, I like your scripture!
      Here is my favorite one:
      Psalms 137:9 — “Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.”
      God says that pets are like infants, so unless you make sure that ‘After the Rapture’ is going to find loving homes for your pets, God will make his angels come down to bash them against the rocks. Surely you don’t want that, do you?
      Sign up your pets today! Don’t use your free will to cause God to have to dash your pets against the rocks! Think of your pets, Tracy, think of your pets. You could be brought back to earth and arrested for cruelty to animals for not signing them up. God doesn’t want to dash your pets against the rocks, Tracy, don’t force him to do it.

  • Alison Griffiths

    Who notifies the volunteers that you have gone, as you won’t be able to. Will the un raptured police charge them with breaking and entering when they break into your home to get your fish?

  • Richard Nogin

    Gee, I was hoping your god had a large enough heaven to accommodate all his furry little creations. Do you really want to spend eternity in a place without your furry friends? Kinda sounds like a pretty sterile place.

  • oldnick

    God told me that He’s ONLY rapturing animals, that you people are kidding yourselves. “The human race is a failed experiment”, saith He.

  • Ni

    People reall y need to read their bibles…. Do u really think when Jesus come back its going to be all nice & calm?When Jesus come back, Because he is coming back no one is going to be worried about a cat, dog or anything else. They are going to be on their knees begging Jesus to have Mercy. It does not matter if u believe in the Lord or not his word is his word and if u don’t believe in him shame on you. but just because you believe in him does not mean your going to make it in. You have to give your life to him 100% no sin what so ever will enter Heaven. For those who don’t believe you better hope your right cause I ain’t taking that chance!!!!!!

    • Hazel Motes

      You’d better hope you’re right too, because if the Muslims or Buddhists or Hindus are right, you will be in hell along with the atheists. Better hedge your bets and follow those religions, too.

    • Tony

      Well I guess No-one is going to heaven then?? You know, since no-one is 100% sin free…lol

    • Functional OrOO

      It isn’t possible for anybody to believe 100%. The bible even says with enough belief you can move mountains. I don’t see many Christians moving mountains. So… all Christians are doomed because they don’t have 100% faith. Neener.

  • youarebeinghad

    hahaha one of the best scams i ever saw, using gullible religions to profit…. well played, if only i had thought of it

  • me

    there is a problem here..first of all….there will be no more money…it will be the mark of the beast to survive…people need to worry about how to survive during the tribulation..this is sick

  • Takis Konstantopoulos
  • Vegan Heathen

    Its a shame animals don’t get into heaven when they die. All you compassionate Christians would get to meet all the animals who were slaughtered so painfully in abbatoirs for your pleasure. You could then explain to them why their lives were taken so young. Still, it was probably God’s will.

    • Raffy


  • Dalebssr

    Does your plan protect against Xenu and his powerful army of darkness?



  • Joe Edmund Accordino

    wow!! so I guess these people who wil take care of the pets, will het left behind!!! SEE YA!

  • stephanei

    I’m a Christian and I love my pets and hate the idea of them being left behind, HOWEVER, the people who thought of this are most likely genius scam artists, pay now so they have our money and then we have NO WAY of knowing if they are really going to come take our pets or not.

    • Functional OrOO

      You shouldn’t forget about your rebellious children. Since the bible says they
      should be taken to the edge of town and stoned to death, they certainly won’t be raptured with you.
      So… the best thing you can do is leave your pets home with your children so at least your kids will have something to eat for a while.

  • Eric Von Happawinkle

    My dog does not obey the ten commandments, so i dont care what happens to him. Also, There have been 2700 known religions / deities recorded, is Christianity definitely right?

    • msepiderm

      Christianity is the only one with an empty grave and a risen savior (seen by thousands, not just a few)! Biblical Christianity is also the only one that offers salvation through faith and is not “works” based. God’s Free gift to all who will believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      • Tony

        Thousand’s you say?? Oh, Ok, cause even the book’s in the bible have contradicting version’s of that?

        LoL… Not work’s based? Tell that to everyone that has to give 10% of their salary for life… And give up at very least one day a week forever…

    • Nikki Cloud-McNatt

      I know it is, but for everyone else, it doesn’t matter, because this just make ‘Us’ feel better for what we know is coming, and the rest of “you” should not even care this organization exist. It must be important enough that both christian and non christian alike are willing to create such a huge cause. Also, there are people everywhere who beg for money, and not all of them, but some want it for alcohol or drugs. At lest you know where this money is going and with them asking for -0- in the fine print, they let you off the hook of paying anything. So next time you decide to sander someone for doing something kind, just close your mouth and think of something nice to say…. if you cant do at least that, than maybe you are the problem…… That is all. -me

  • D


  • Ron Riegel

    Now wouldn’t it be strange to believe that a God that is perfect, knows all, knows the beginning to the end of the age, knew you before you were born, and a God who in the bible says ” Eye hath not
    seen, nor ear heard, the things God has prepared for those that love Him.” That He would actually forget our pets and cause us to have to go out on our own to take care of this problem? Are we actually taking on a problem here that God forgot? I DON’T THINK SO! I BELIEVE GOD HAS OUT THOUGHT US IN EVERY SITUATION AND HAS MORE THAN PLANED A SOLUTION FOR ANY POSSIBLE PROBLEM. JUST SAYING. RON

    • Miki

      Where did you get any clue God would have slightest interest in your pets after the rapture? Any more than the billions of innocent people who are exactly like you, expect they don’t believe in a way you do. Or even you, if you eventually didn’t succeed to believe in a way He wants you to believe. So far I’m pretty freaking sure if the God described in bible existed, his motives would be far from love and fair play…

    • Functional OrOO

      Don’t forget about your rebellious children. Since the bible says they should be taken to the edge of town and stoned to death, they certainly won’t be raptured with you.
      So… the best thing you can do is leave your pets home with your children so at least your kids will have something to eat for a while.

  • Kit777

    There will probably be no power, etc. with all of the destruction that will take place, so although this sounds like a good plan, there may be no way to access the data or communicate with the caretakers.

    • Functional OrOO


  • Bert Giwtrah

    Will this void any existing contract with Basement Cat?

  • Jennifer Baker

    I’m so glad I can help with this. I figure I can take lots of animals since all my neighbors’ houses will be empty

  • Prfsnlcooker

    People it is not a scam! I just registered for free. The disclaimer says the $10 fee is to get rid of haters.

    • Tony

      So you registered for $10…. Not free.

    • Functional OrOO

      Yes, but each five years you have to renew the membership at $25 per pet.
      So you better be hopin’ for some quick rapture.

  • Tater

    This is one of the funniest things I have seen in my entire life. In case you missed it, check out the gear page. They’ve got puzzles and clocks and gym bags and all kinds of awesome stuff!

  • Papa Hemp

    I have an after rapture lawn care service. No reason to leave your lawn in disrepair. What does it cost? Everything that you own, because you won’t need it where you’re going. Email me at for more information. Thanks!

  • Daisy Adair

    Why don’t you kill all your pets now so they will meet you in heaven?

  • Jim Henry

    So while I am sunbathing in Hell, plotting to kill Satan and rule Hell for myself, then uniting all of Hells forces and D-Daying Heaven, once I am a God I will restore everyone’s pets and allow them to reunite with there owners in the New Heaven, except for cats…they dont have souls

    • Functional OrOO

      What about pet snakes? If you’re the new Satan, you gotta love snakes.

  • John Morgan

    Can I pay extra to get my pet into heaven?

  • Sarah Wright

    My dog eats a certain type of food, will the caretakers be able to find that food?

  • pj4me

    I’d like to know why these people cannot be contacted? In fact, they tell the “rescuer” where you live and where your animals live, but we aren’t supposed to know where the “rescuer” lives? Hmmm . . .

  • Thomas Curro

    I don’t get it, after the rapture there will be tons of confusion and these people who run the organization are probably Christians. Just a waste of $10.

  • Mark C

    I have grave concerns that my pet is aligned to the dark lord, will this affect the type of care taker I need?

    • Donovan Visser

      I second that! Thats one scary ass dog

  • Colleen Jagger

    What if my pets change? I have 3 now, but what if one passes away, or I get another one? I suppose I just register a new one, but how do I communicate that one is already in heaven? I don’t want someone wasting time looking for a pet that has already one on.

  • curtislj

    I am happy somebody is smart enough to take advantage of delusional Christians who are holding back society! Why did I no think about this? you get to charge people for a service you are NEVER going to have to perform! BRILLIANT!

  • Gordon

    If you want some peace of mind read this site listening to God and seeing what He is doing will cause you to realize there was nothing to worry about.

  • Bob Commandeur

    WHAT A LOAD OF SHITTTTTTTTTTT,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    I truly feel blessed knowing that someone will look after my dog if the rapture was to happen during our time.

    • Functional OrOO

      What about your rebellious children? The bible says they should be taken to the edge of town and stoned to death, so surely they won’t be raptured.

  • Marnie Coller

    If I want to register my pet and pay but I’m too sexy for you what do I do

    • Functional OrOO

      You’re too sexy for this website?
      Too sexy for this website?
      Then certainly you’re too sexy for your cat, so don’t have pets anyway.
      Why don’t you just do your little turn on the catwalk?

  • Functional OrOO

    I am so thankful for this service! I work for the CDC and always keep samples of deadly diseases for my Godly work. I ensure that my pets carry lethal diseases that can be transmitted to humans so when ‘After the Rapture’ gives my pets to godless heathens they will certainly contract the diseases and die! I go to heaven but also get to see to it that some non-Christians die a violent death before they get thrown into an eternal pit of torture. Win-win!
    The only downside is I go through a lot of pets, because they keep falling over dead from the diseases and also because I just forget sometimes to feed them and give them water. Plus I have to keep the pets out in the weather all the time and never around people because I don’t want my Christian friends to contract these diseases. But it is SOOOOO worth it to have the peace of mind to know that my years of work to make sure at least a few godless heathens will die from my pets have not been wasted! I’ll be in heaven LAUGHING MY ASS OFF at the atheists and muslims and hindus that will be enduring a hideously painful death because of my diseased pets. THANK YOU LORD! THANK YOU AFTER THE RAPTURE FOR DOING GOD’S WORK!

  • Ben Cargile

    How about this I’ll take everyone’s animal when the rapture comes, just paypal me half of what these idiots are asking for and I’ll fly to wherever you turned into a puff of smoke, delete your porn on your computer and take your pets home.