Due to the controversy surrounding our service, we have decided to make our service free and simply allow for donations. We have been spending too much time defending what we do, and that has distracted us and our market from our true mission. As they say, avoid even the appearance of impropriety. And our fees were giving that appearance.

We never intended to make a lot of money here. We have hard costs – our site, database, servers, advertising – and we have our time. But we will find a way, God willing, to continue without requiring a fee from our members.

With our new system, we will create a membership site. People can become members at no charge, register all of their pets, and, as we grow, we’ll be adding a forum and other tools for Rapture preparation. We hope you will join us and pray for us.

Come back on Monday, February 22nd, after noon Eastern time, and we should have our newly updated system ready.