Our video on YouTube has gone viral due to all the hubub about the Rapture supposedly happening this weekend. I’ve seen our site on local and national news programs covering the story. However, they’ve gotten many things wrong.

1. They refer to us as atheists. We are not atheists. We are a team of Christians and non-Christians. Our volunteers range from atheist to Muslim to Jewish to agnostic.

2. They say our site “popped up” in response to Camping’s claims. This site was made live in January, 2010. We didn’t even hear about Camping until earlier this week. We were here before, and we’ll be here after. Unless it actually does happen, which is as possible as any other day in the future.

3. They sarcastically say we’ll take care of pets “for a fee.” Many similar services, run by atheists, charge hundreds of dollars, some every year. We charge $10. For life. To cover our expenses.

Thank you to the thousands of volunteers who have signed up over the last year, about half over the last week.